Watch the video below to learn how to shut off your gas at the tank. Remember: you should only turn your tank off if you are certain it is safe. Always contact your propane gas provider if you smell gas or need the assistance of any kind.



Follow this simple two step process to shut off your propane tank:

  1. Open the lid of your tank to reveal the shut off valve.

  2. Turn the shut off valve to the right (clockwise) to stop the flow of propane.

Note: if you have more than one tank turn them all off the same way.

Reasons to shut off gas to your home:

  • You smell gas and/or suspect a leak.

  • Your tank has shifted positions after a storm or natural disaster.

  • The gas line has been bent, broken, or damaged.

Remember: never turn your tank off unless you are certain it is safe. Always contact your propane gas provider if you suspect there is a leak or are unsure if you should turn off the tank yourself. Once your gas is shut off, never turn the gas back on yourself. For your safety, leave it to the professionals.