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Shelby Energy Company sells a full line of Generac Generators. We have "Elite Plus Dealer" status which allows us to have some of the most competitive pricing on the market. Shelby Energy will help with the installation and leveling of your generator and, in most instances, will hook up your gas. Shelby Energy now has a certified Generac installer in house to assist you with all your installation and servicing needs. You can have your own electrician take care of the electrical side of the install if you chose, but we recommend using electricians that are certified by Generac.

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You do not have to be a member of Shelby Electric Cooperative to take advantage of this service.



When the power goes out … Life goes on.

GENERAC® automatic standby generators take the worry out of power outages. As the #1 Selling Standby GeneratorGENERAC® provides peace of mind for home, farm, and business owners. No one else in the industry can compare.

Whether you’re at home or away, your GENERAC® standby generator is ready to assume control of your electrical needs when a power outage occurs. Within seconds, back-up electricity is restoring essential items in your home, farm, or business such as lights, climate control, refrigeration, etc.

Unlike a portable generator, you don’t have to go outside, run extension cords, or bother with gasoline because an automatic standby generator operates on your LP or natural gas supply. Plus, when utility power returns, the generator automatically shuts down and waits for the next outage.

Owning a GENERAC standby Generator has never been more convenient or affordable. Contact Shelby Energy today at 217-774-2311 or by email to find out how to protect your home, belongings and most importantly, your family’s well being with a GENERAC generator from Shelby Energy Company.

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Inspection and Maintenance

  • The Shelby Energy Generator Maintenance Program includes annual visual inspections and service when needed. Information such as run hours and abnormalities are logged. If anything seems out of the ordinary, our employees will contact you to let you know.

  • When full maintenance (approximately every other year) is needed on your generator, you will receive an oil, filter, and air filter change. 

  • Shelby Energy employees will always leave a note to let you know that your generator has been inspected/serviced. Look out for the green door hanger!


  • Call for updated pricing and maintenance plans 217-774-2311.

  • Note: Shelby Electric members that participate in the interruptible rate (rate 13), receive these benefits free of charge.


A 5-year battery is used when installing your generator. Every 5 years Shelby Energy will need to provide a new battery. This is an additional cost. 

A.   An automatic standby generator is a backup electrical system that operates whether you are at home or away.  It automatically supplies power to essential circuits of your home or business within 30 seconds of a utility outage.  After utility power returns, the generator shuts itself off and awaits the next outage.  It operates on natural gas or liquid propane gas and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit.   

A.  The Generac air-cooled 7-22kW models, which come equipped with a pre-wired transfer switch, supply electricity to your home’s electrical panel circuits through a built-in load center.  You select the number of circuits you want to protect and match it to the appropriate generator.

A.  While portable generators do supply power, a standby generator produces a higher quality of electricity.  It operates automatically and runs a self-test weekly to ensure proper response to your needs.  When utility power returns, the standby generator shuts itself off automatically.  There are no extension cords to plug in, and no gas tanks to fill.

A.  Establishing the wattage requirements for the appliances that you want powered during an outage is difficult because your electricity runs through a variety of circuits in the main electrical panel.  GENERAC allows you to support those circuits for easy sizing and flexibility.  Running a circuit through the GENERAC load center allows you to protect everything on that circuit, so it doesn’t just power items plugged into outlets like refrigerators.  GENERAC also powers lights, furnaces, air conditioners, well pumps and other appliances that are hard wired into your electrical panel.

A.  An air-cooled generator is an economical solution that covers essential circuits and back-up power needs.  Liquid-cooled models meet larger requirements such as whole house power coverage and commercial applications.

A.  Whisper-test is a feature that reduces noise by 50% during the generator’s weekly self-test cycle.  The generator starts up and operates at a reduced speed, lowering sound output by as much as 12 decibels for units that normally run at higher speeds under load.  This allows for near silent operation in test mode and satisfies all known sound ordinances.

A.  Yes, Just like your car engine, generators need periodic oil and filter changes.  Many customers utilize GENERAC’s maintenance kits for routine maintenance.  Ask Shelby Energy about maintenance programs they might offer.

A.  We can order for our customers Air-cooled models 8-22 kW, Liquid-cooled models 25-45 kW, and Commercial models 25-150 kW.  Due to manufacturing delays, material shortages, weather emergencies, and supply chain issues, delivery times may vary. Call Shelby Energy Company to see what they have in stock or delivery time expectations if they have to order a generator. 217-774-2311