Shelby Energy's COVID-19 update ...

Operational Update 3_01_2021

Our lobby is open ... hours are, Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm. Need anything or have questions, give us a call at 217-774-2311.


Operational Update 2_22_2021

Shelby Energy Co. employees will begin returning to the office this week ... The lobby will be back open on March 1...

• The DRIVE THROUGH WILL REMAIN OPEN and both drop boxes will be available

How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

At Shelby Energy, we recommend that you learn how to read your tank gauge and develop a habit of checking it on a regular basis. Follow this simple 2 step process so that you never have to put your life on hold because of an empty tank.


  1. Look at the gauge attached to the tank with numbers from 5 to 95. The numbers indicate the percentage of gas remaining in the tank.