Shelby Energy's COVID-19 update ...

Shelby Energy's COVID-19 update ...

Operational Update 11_18_2020

Shelby Energy Lobby to be closed starting Monday, November 23 ...

Shelby Electric Cooperative, Shelby Energy Company, and PWR-net High Speed Internet will be moving to minimize on-site staffing levels through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This is due to the spike in COVID-19 cases being seen across our communities. The decision has been made to minimize the risk of cross-contamination among employees that would have the potential to hinder their ability to continue to serve our consumer-members.

• Office employees will be moving to remote work with all except a few working from home by Monday, November 23rd

• Both lobby areas will be CLOSED as of Monday, November 23rd

• The DRIVE THROUGH WILL REMAIN OPEN during this time and both drop boxes will be available (See pictures)

• Members will still have their needs met by arranging a meeting in the field and other business will be conducted over the phone or online

• Employees will be wearing face coverings when meeting with members and others in the field unless 6 ft of distance can be maintained and members or other parties are in agreement

• No outside vendors will be allowed on Cooperative premises

• All outside functions will continue as normal with line work and maintenance, propane deliveries, and Internet installations

Once we get through the holidays, we will reassess the situation to determine if it will be practical to return everyone to the office safely. The hope is that by mid-January we will be able to accomplish the distancing needed in the office and the holiday cross-contamination threat is greatly reduced, allowing for a return to an office environment.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us at 217-774-2311, or you can reach us via SmartHub.

We will continue to post updates on social media and our website,, on an as needed basis.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding!


The drive through will remain open Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm and will accept all PWR-net, Shelby Energy Co. and Cooperative payments. Drop boxes are also available, please make sure you include your payment stub and account number when making payments through the drive through drop box slot or the payment drop box just north of the Shelby Energy Companies entrance.

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